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Danish Singlehand Championships
Nyborg 2024

Nyborg Sejlforening will host the first official Danish championship in singlehand yacht racing supported by the Danish Sailing Association. The championship will take place from August 29th to August 31st concurrently with the Vegvisir Race Nyborg. Racing will be conducted according to World Sailing’s Racing Rules and the DH measurement rule. It's entirely unique not only in Denmark but in the whole of Europe.

The format

The format of the race will be a combination of course racing and distance coastal racing. The course racing will take place in Nyborg Fjord on Thursday, August 29th, and Friday, August 30th, while the distance coastal race will be the 85 nautical mile long Vegvisir Race "Blue Course," which includes, among other things, passing under the iconic Great Belt Bridge and challenging night sailing in the navigation-heavy waters between Zealand and Lolland/Falster. The winner will be the skipper who has performed the best over the three days of challenges on corrected time according to the DH measurement rule.

Official Documents

Please find the official INVITATION and EVENT REGULATIONS below. Read through carefully before registration! Please follow the REGISTRATION link below to find the tickets to the Danish Singlehand Championship at the bottom of the registration page.
Event Regulations

Official Notice Board

Please check the Official Notice Board for amendments and changes - in Event Regulations the paragraphs REQUIREMENT TO BOATS AND EQUIPMENT and ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS in the official is replaced by the document Safety & Equipment Instructions indeed found on the Official Notice Board.
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