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Nyborg in the race days

Check out what's going down in Nyborg during the event. It's not only the big international event sailing event that takes off in the first weekend of September. Please read the warm presentation for our host and partner the Municipality of Nyborg:

Dear participant  in VegVisir Race

VisitNyborg would like to welcome you and your family to Nyborg – an authentic Funen market town in the heart of Denmark with houses and buildings that tell the town’s fascinating story. Today, some 800+ years after the town was founded, you can follow in the footsteps of kings and queens and create your own stories as a piece of history.


Here, in the very first capital of Denmark, you have every opportunity to make memories. You can walk on the historic ramparts, which surround the old royal town to this day, where Nyborg Castle stands as the town’s landmark and you can pedal your way through the countryside or coast line.


In Nyborg, you can meet up with your loved ones. Together, you can enjoy new gastronomic experiences that will tantalise your taste buds or simply enjoy the moment in the woods and on the beach. Small moments become big moments here with genuine Funen hospitality that you’ll never forget.

For more information about Nyborg and what we have to offer, please visit or

Arts & Crafts

In Nyborg you will find a number of good restaurants, cozy cafes, high-level gastronomy, breweries with original and authentic East Funen beer, small farm shops with locally produced ingredients such as vegetables, freshly baked bread, meat from own breeding and even wine grown and made from the East Funen soil.


In Nyborg, you can stay at one of the hotels located right on the water. A stay here is a stay close to both the town and the sea.

You can sleep under the

stars, spend the night in a shelter or pitch your tent at a primitive campsite close to the woods and the sea. You can choose exactly the accommodation to suit you.


You can rent bicycles for adults

and children at VisitNyborg. The address is:  Torvet 2B.

It’s a good idea to book in advance but you can also take the chance and just stop by the office.


+45 6333 8090

The fee is: 100 DKK for 24hrs & 75 DKK for each of the following days.


Icelandic horses are beautiful strong and extremely hardy animals. They over time been a vital means of transport through the impassable nature. 
Now you have the chance to get really close to these impressive animals

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