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Courses 2024


In 2024, Vegvisir Race will offer three courses with distances of 85, 151, and 238 nautical miles. The two shorter courses are open to both single- and double-handed participants, while the long course is exclusively for double-handed teams. All three courses in 2024 include passage of the Great Belt Bridge.

Drawing from the experiences of the previous year's edition of Denmark's most challenging long-distance race, it has been decided to eliminate sailing in the Femern Belt entirely due to the numerous restrictions imposed by the work on the Femern Link.

– Even though we are excluding the Baltic Sea, we still have Denmark's most challenging long-distance race. All courses feature the Vegvisir combination of highly challenging navigation and long open stretches where sailors can push their boats to the maximum. For the first time, the long course heads northeast, and we have high expectations for it. Both the mark rounding in Isefjord and the rounding of the rugged rock formation that is Hallands Väterö will pose challenges for participants on the long course, says Morten Brandt from the Vegvisir Race management.

Here are the courses:

90 nautical miles: Nyborg, Sprogø on port, Romsø to starboard, E25A Red Lateral buoy to starboard, Omø Sound (Agersø to port), Vejrø to starboard, Cardinal buoy Omø Stålgrund to starboard, Nyborg.

152 nautical miles: Nyborg, Romsø to starboard, E25A Red Lateral buoy to starboard, Femø to starboard, Fejø to starboard, Rågø to port, Lange to starboard, Marstal to port, Rudkøbing Race, Nyborg.

238 nautical miles: Nyborg, Romsø to starboard, Snekkeløbet, Hundested to port, compass marking north of Orø, Hundested to starboard, Hallands Väderö to port, Snekkeløbet, Romsø to starboard, Nyborg.

The sailing direction clockwise or counter clockwise - will be decided on the day of the Skipper Meeting. The charts are guidelines. 

RED Course: 238 NM 2Star only

Vegvisir Race 2024 238 NM.png

GREEN Course: 151 NM 2Star and Singlehand 

Vegvisir Race 2024 151 NM.png

BLUE Course: 90 NM 2Star and Singlehand

Skærmbillede 2024-04-24 kl. 13.31.24.png
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