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We are in Vegvisir Race Mode - how to follow the race

Thursday SEPT 1st is the first day in the autumn but indeed the conditions in Nyborg a few hours prior to the race is summerlike. The boats and their skippers on the two longer courses are preparing their boat making the last optimization before the starts today.

The first group of starts is at 16:00 when the doublehanded only start goes. From 19:00 the singlehanded and 20 minutes later the doublehanded starts go on the 158 route.

Also - the Vegvisir Race webpage is in race mode as the frontpage is cleared with a focus only on the race and how to follow it. Vegvisir Race Nyborg 2022 are on several social platforms and of course also on the tracing page handled by Tractrac. Hit the button to get the links to all of it. Please share!

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