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Set Sail into Savings: Vegvisir Race Nyborg 2024 Early Bird Specials Await!

As winter firmly tightens its grip on Northern and Central Europe, sailors are undoubtedly dreaming and planning for the upcoming season on the other side of the cold. Vegvisir Race Nyborg 2024, the largest and most challenging adventure sail race in Scandinavia, has already secured a spot on the bucket list for many sailors.

The sale of entry tickets kicked off on Black Friday, featuring a compelling Early Bird offer package. Sixty tickets were made available with discounts ranging from 35% to 30%.

The initial 40 entries, offering discounts of 35% and 33%, were swiftly sold within 24 hours, from midnight to midnight on Black Friday. The remaining 20 entries, now at a 30% discount, are currently on sale, with only 9 available as of 4 PM.

Once these last nine entries are claimed, or as of midnight on Sunday, November 26, the Black Friday period will continue for a few more days with a still significant discount of 25%. This special offer extends only until December 4.

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