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First Official Singlehand Sailing Danish Championship Becomes Reality

Nyborg Sejlforening will host the first official Danish championship in singlehand yacht racing supported by the Danish Sailing Association. The championship will take place from August 29th to August 31st concurrently with the Vegvisir Race Nyborg. Racing will be conducted according to World Sailing’s Racing Rules and the DH measurement rule.

A collaboration between Nyborg Sejlforening, the Danish Sailing Association, Shorthand ECM, and the Vegvisir Race organization ensures that Denmark now hosts its first official championship in singlehand yacht racing for keelboats. It is entirely unique not only in Denmark but in the whole of Europe, for a national association under World Sailing to support an official single venue national championship in singlehand yacht racing for keelboats. Thus, the Danish Sailing Association acknowledges the sustained interest that was generated for singlehand yacht racing in Northern Europe back in 2012 when the first edition of the Silverrudder Challenge of Sea came into existence.

- We have been following the development of single- and doublehand yacht racing for several years. We can see that the interest in this form of sailing is significant, so when Nyborg Sailing Association and Shorthand ECM inquired about the possibility of organizing a singlehand yacht racing championship, it was natural for us to say 'yes' to be part of this journey. With both course racing and distance racing, we find it to be an exciting setup being worked on. One of the things the Danish Sailing Association wants to contribute is safety, partly the requirements for the safety equipment of individual boats/skippers, but also the requirements for the layout of distance racing, says Mikael Jeremiassen from the Danish Sailing Union.


Here are the differences

The Singlehand Championship will be something entirely different from the Silverrudder Challenge and the many similar regattas that have emerged in its wake when Nyborg Sailing Sejlforening invites to the official Singlehand Championship at the end of August.

The major changes are as follows:

• Racing will be conducted according to World Sailing's racing rules

• Both course racing and distance racing will be included

• Participants' boats must be measured to the DH measurement rule

• There will be heightened requirements for the boats' safety equipment

• There will be heightened requirements for sailing and positioning on the distance course


Nyborg is ready

In Nyborg Sailing Sejlforening, they look forward to being the first sailing club in Denmark to host a championship in singlehand yacht racing.

- We have extensive experience in organizing championships for various boat classes, but it is, of course, something entirely different with a Singlehand Championship following the DH measurement rule. We are pleased and proud that the Danish Sailing Association has entrusted us with the task, a task we will approach with great humility and thoroughness to ensure that we get the best possible championship for participants and spectators, says Marianne Holmer, chairperson of Nyborg Sejlforening.


The Format

The event will coincide with Vegivisir Race Nyborg 2024, and the championship participants will share the 85 nautical mile long "Blue Course" with the Vegvisir Racers.

The format of the race will be a combination of course racing and distance coastal racing. The course racing will take place in Nyborg Fjord on Thursday, August 29th, and Friday, August 30th, while the distance coastal race will be the 85 nautical mile long Vegvisir Race "Blue Course," which includes, among other things, passing under the iconic Great Belt Bridge and challenging night sailing in the navigation-heavy waters between Zealand and Lolland/Falster. The winner will be the skipper who has performed the best over the three days of challenges on corrected time according to the DH measurement rule.

Registration and further information:


Further information on the DH measurement rule:

The DH measurement rule is the Danish national measurement rule. Compared with other rules like ORC or IRC, the measurement process is less complicated. The Danish Sailing Association has an extensive database of already measured boats, including hull design measurements. A complete DH measurement of a boat and sails is estimated to cost between 50 and 200 euros. Questions regarding the DH rule and how to obtain a measurement certificate in connection with the championship should be directed to Mikael Jeremiassen by phone or email: +45 8820 7017,, mentioning "SH DM" in the subject line.


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