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Reefs Rocks and the Great Bridge

Discover the top preferences among our initial 117 registrants! Have you ever wondered when the participants on the 238 NM course will kick off their journey? Curious minds may question why the Fehmarn Belt is not part of the equation. Find the answers to these questions and more...


A warm welcome to the first 117 sailors, comprising 66 boats! Among the single handed sailors, 9 have chosen the challenging 151 NM singlehanded course, while 6 have opted for the singlehanded 85 NM course. The 151 NM long course is currently the frontrunner on the 2Star course, attracting 30 boats and crews. Additionally, 12 have registered for the 238 NM long course, and 9 crews are set for the 2Star 85 NM course.

Breaking it down by category, the Medium Category (30.01 - 35.00 foot) leads with 21 registered boats, followed by 17 in the Small Category (25.01 - 30.00 feet), 13 are in the Mini Category (18.00 - 25.00 feet), 9 in the Large Category (35.01 - 40.00 feet), 3 in the XL category (> 40.01 feet), and 3 in the Multihull Large Category (>30.01 feet).

"We are delighted to have participants on all three courses and in almost all categories nine months before the start. It's crucial for sailors in their planning to know that the Vegvisir Race Nyborg will be a significant event for the shorthanded sailing community in 2024," states Morten Brandt from Shorthand Event Content Marketing.


Reefs and Rocks for 238s

Brandt expresses satisfaction that 9 boats have already committed to the new northbound 238 NM long course. This course involves navigating the narrow passage of Snekkeløbet at the reef outside Sjællands Odde, a tricky dip from Kattegat into Isefjorden, and rounding the rough rocks at Hallands Väderö close to the dominant rock Kullen in Sweden.

"While it might appear straightforward in terms of navigation at first glance, trust me, it's not. It encapsulates the true Vegvisir Race DNA, combining offshore and inshore elements with navigational skills, persistence, and endurance. It's a lengthy course, and we are likely to commence the 238 race earlier on Thursday, August 29, than we normally do," he reveals.



Fehmarn Belt Out

The 85 and 151 NM courses follow the classic Vegvisir Race routes, covering Storebælt, Smålandshavet, and partly the Baltic Sea. This year, the organizers have omitted Fehmarn Belt from the courses due to uncertainties arising from construction work on the Fehmarn Connection between Germany and Denmark.

Compared to the 2023 edition, the impressive Great Belt Bridge will once again be a feature on all three courses.

Registration is still open, and at present, you can register at the Candle Mass price for €200 per person, securing a 20% discount on the standard price.


We eagerly anticipate your presence in Nyborg in August!

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