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Lightworks sees the Line Honors disappear after missing shortening

Due to heavy northerly current it was decided early Saturday morning to shorten the 238 NM course further leaving the rounding of Romsø out. It was announce on the Official Notice Board and to the participants by phone, email and txt-messages. Also it was posted on all the social media platform of Vegvisir Race. All boats got the message except the leading boat the JPK 10.30 Lightworks skippered by Michael Höfgen and his Co-skipper who continued heading for Romsø while the boats coming from behind turned the mark north of the Great Belt bridge and headed directly towards Nyborg. So what looked like a solid lead with a big potential of taking the Line Honors on the 238 NM course turn into a battle for staying in top 5.

– I'm really sorry for that we didn't manage to get in touch with the guys on Lightworks. We tried very hard for two and a half hours in every possible way including but unfortunately without success. I can 100% understand their disappointment and I'm just sorry that they didn't get the message, says Morten Brandt from Vegvisir Race.

The decision means that a lot of the smaller and slower boats will be able to get back to Nyborg in due time before the racing closes at 17.00 Saturday 3rd.

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