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Jury choses to compensate Lightworks by 45 min

Vegvisir Race Nyborg 2022

The jury has decided as follows.

Based on a conversation with skippers Michael Höfgen and Max Gurgel and witness Kresten Ernst Mohr, Carsten Bentsen and Morten Brandt Rasmussen decided to compensate the German boat Lightworks by 45 minutes in Vegvisir Race Nyborg 2022.


The race management shortened the 238 nautical mile course at 06.00 approximately one and a half hours before the first boat would reach the point for course shortening, buoy E25A north of the Great Belt Bridge. They managed to contact several of the leading boats, but not the leading boat Lightworks, which was 3 nautical miles ahead of the boat Foxy Lady from the Vegvisir Race XL category and approximately 7 nautical miles ahead of the boat Beluga, from the Vegvisir Race Medium category, where Lightworks was also competed.

The shortening was published on the sailing's official Notice Board, as well as shared on all Vegvisir Race social media platforms. Direct contact was then made with several participants via telephone calls. Unfortunately race management could not get in touch with Lightworks despite numerous phone calls, Whatsapp calls, sms messages, messenger messages, whatspp messages, emails etc.

Boats that were contacted by phone were encouraged to make calls over VHF-radio in to pass on information about the shortening of the course. Specifically, the two boats closest to Lightworks were asked to call Lightworks over VHF radio for the purpose of notifying the leading boat of the shortening. The boats Xar and Foxy Lady confirmed making these calls specifically naming the leading boats. However, contact was not established between any boats in the front group.

However the boat Kaha, when it rounded the mark approximately one hour after Lightworks called Lightworks on channel 16 and had succeeded in getting in touch with Lightworks immediately. After this, Lightworks immediately changed course and went towards Nyborg.

Subsequently, it was investigated that the boat Foxy Lady had called and communicated the Vegvisir Race channel 72. From Xar, there was no certainty as to whether they had called on channel 72 or 16.

Channel 16 is the official channel you listen to as a sailor. The jury finds it likely that Lightworks was listening on channel 16 and at the same time doubtful that the calls from Xar and Foxy Lady were made on channel 16.

The jury finds that Lightworks has been contactable in relation to the sailing statutes and sailing guidelines of the event and indeed in relation to the rules of the sea by having the VHF radio open and listening on channel 16. Had they received a call on channel 16 they would have changed course and followed the course change.

On the other hand the jury finds it questionable why Lightworks did not answer any attempt to get contact made by race management and why they did not seek information on the Official Notice board about course changes as the course and conditions had already been changed once during the 238 race.

The jury thus finds it reasonable to compensate Lightworks with 45 minutes.

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