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First boat expected back before midnight Friday 2nd.

A lot of things will have to go wrong if the first boat back in Vegvisir Race 2022 Nyborg won't be trimaran Like 7 Heaven. The boat is only a few nautical miles north of Nyborg Friday evening at 2300.

After a slow start in the very light conditions the trimaran skippered by Peter Bolvig and Bo Hasseriis broke loose from the keelboat-fleet round noon friday west of Svendborgsund as the easterly wind started to kick in.

The two multihull-skippers are 24 nautical miles ahead of the next multihull the Dragonfly 25 Gecko. In between the two trimarans three keelboats have squeed in; the J/122, the Achambeau 35 and the J39 MOD.

The faster boats on the 238 nm course have 85 nautical miles to the finishing line whereas the leading boats on the 70 NM course have 39 NM left.

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