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Danish band Sko/Torp plays at Vegvisir Race Nyborg

A musical reward awaits the participants in the Vegvisir Race Nyborg 2023 after they reach the finish line on Saturday 2 September. For none other than the duo Sko/Torp round concludes the racing and kick off the Afterparty.

It will be the Danish duo Sko/Torp who this year will kick off Vegivisir Race Nyborg's Afterparty on Saturday afternoon, 2 September. As usual, the skippers are first in line to participate as the concert will take place at Heimdals Plads, close to the old beautiful basin, Vesterhavnen, in the heart of Nyborg. This is where the majority of participating boats stay before and after sailing.

Sko/Torp's international sound and English lyrics hit the Danes in the 1990s, when they made a breakthrough. They have since toured and released lots of songs and albums. Latest album After Hours was released in 2016. If you want to listen to Sko/Torp, you can of course find them on Spotify with bangers such as: On A Long Lonely Night, Glorious Days, Familiar Roads and Dolphin Girl.

The Norths biggest

At the time of writing, there are 248 sailors registered on 138 boats in the Vegvisir Race Nyborg 2023. This makes the race Denmark's third largest and Northern Europe's largest event for shorthanded distance racing.

Within the double-handed discipline, 59 boats are registered on the 167 nautical mile course, 23 are on the long 225 nautical mile course, 28 on the 78 nautical mile course. There are 12 singlehand sailors registered for the 167 nautical mile course, which is Denmark's and the Nordic countries' longest non-stop singlehanded race, while a further 16 singlehanded sailors are registered for the 78 nautical mile course.

Mythical sailing awaits

Vegvisir Race Nyborg is this year blessed by a large full moon, which lights up the courses and will most likely cast a mythical glow on the natural experiences in Danish and German waters.

Registration is still open. If you want to combine challenging short-handed distance racing with harbor fun before and after, an international-class concert and the Vegvisir Race Afterparty, then don't hesitate to register yourself and/or your mates.

Bring friends and family

Bring family and friends to Nyborg because there's a lot to do in the old town of kings. Start by checking out Visit Nyborg's excellent website to get an overview of everything from cultural activities to food and drink to accommodation options

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