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Vegvisir Race 2018

You are about to sign up for a wild, crazy and meaningful experience
€199 per person

From March 1 until Aug. 16. you can join Vegvisir Race for a Late Bird Price of €199 per person. Hence the price for a double handed entry is €398.     

a Gender Discount
€99 women

From JULY 20 until AUG 20  

Mixed crew: women €99 men €159.

Full women crew only €198.   


€99 per person

Until November 30. you can sign up for the Early Bird Price of only €99 per person. So if you participate in the double handed race the price pr. boat is €198. 


Benefits for the fast

First movers get rewarded

Of course you'll get the craning for trailerboats, no harbour fee in Nykøbing from Sunday 19th before the event, quality tracking to share your adventure during the race and to analyse on afterwards.

Eco sandwich, softdrinks or a beer for the skipper meeting, dinner and welcome drinks at the Vegvisir Race After Party, and a unique Finisher-Polo. More over you get to sign up for next years event for a priority price. 

Even more deals for the participants of the event are being negotiated and will be communicated on the fly.

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