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Craning, bureau opening hours and more ... the Vegvisir Race programs are up

See the programs for Vegvisir Race Nyborg 2022 and find out when to register, when to expect the safety check, when the cranes are open for Do It Yourself and with assistance. Please remember that there is a dedicated mast crane available. So to avoid creating bottleneck at the mail crane consider using the mast crane for stepping your mast. Both the location of the main crane and mast crane can be found on the Point Of Interest map on the webpage.

Also - at lot is going on during the Vegvisir Race Days. To make it easier to find out what, when, how for Vegvisir Race spectators a little "Fan Program" has been added. Please check the "Fans Program" to find out more about the dock outs, the starts, the concerts and more. Hit the image below to learn more.

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