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Courses 2023

The combination of pitch dark sailing at night, tight inshore in the shallow archipelagos and demanding offshore is the DNA of Vegvisir Race. So of course that also goes for new Vegvisir Race Nyborg 2023 courses. Take a closer look further down the page.  
Vegvisir Race Nyborg 2023 starts and finishes in the old town of the Danish kings; Nyborg. The town is situated on the island of Funen in the center of Denmark. It's easy to get to the town both from east and from west as the highway E20 and the railway runs through the town.
The marina is very well protected and the participants can moor their boats safely if arriving early or if leaving the boat prior to the start of Silverrudder Challenge some 2 weeks later. If you chose to do so you can get a 50% reduction on the mooring fee.

The three courses

There are three courses in 2023 that all feature sailing at night, challenging navigation, spectacular sceneries and true adventure sail racing.
The 225 NM long 2Star only Red Course offers true offshore sailing as the course takes the participants to German waters for the rounding buoy off the coast of Darsser Ort.
The Green 167 NM long Course offers intense and demanding navigation between shallow areas and wide open crossings of sounds and straits. This course is open for both doublehanded and singlehanded participance. Both 225 and 167 start Thursday August 31st. 2023. 
Finally the less exposed 78 NM Orange Course is open for both single- and doublehanded participance.  Even-though it's a shorter it's still a very demanding course when it comes to navigation and the ability to handle transitions. The races on the 78 NM courses all start on Friday September 1st. 2023. 
The sailing direction clockwise or counter clockwise - will be decided on the day of the Skipper Meeting. The charts are guidelines. 

RED Course: 225 NM 2Star only

VegvisirRace 23 Red Course.png

GREEN Course: 169 NM 2Star and Singlehand 

VegvisirRace 23 Green Course.png

BLUE Course: 79 NM 2Star and Singlehand

VegvisirRace 23 Blue Course.png
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