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If you don't have a ticket for the dinner Saturday night September 2. you can buy it here. There will be both vegetrian and meat dishes avaiable. Drinks are sold separately on location.  The price is DKK 260 corresponding to € 35 per person.  

Dinner Party Saturday Night

kr 260,00Price
  • If you wish to invite friends or family to this nice evening you are welcome to bring them along. Soon we will publish more details about the evening including the menu. Until then - rest assured it will be a beautiful meal and with options for both meat eaters and vegetarians.

    If you upon registration went for a RACE ONLY ticket but now have change your mind and want to join the Dinner Party you can, of course buy a separate ticket for €35/person.

    Due to our planing the dinner tickets are ONLY sold ONLINE. This means that you can't buy the ticket on location in Nyborg.  

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