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Press release 20 August 2020.


Vegvisir Race 2020 canceled

A decision based on emotions made by the five participating sailing clubs in Guldborg Municipality has made the implementation of Vegvisir Race 2020 impossible.


After the clubs' cancellation, the municipality's officials and Morten Brandt Rasmussen had a bulletproof plan B in place, but the municipality finally chose yesterday to prioritize their relationship with the sailing clubs and withdrew from the event. Thus, the event is without a port and thus it became impossible for Morten Brandt Rasmussen to find new solutions.


- I'm very very sad and frustrated. First of all, I am sorry on behalf of all the participants. Many Danish and foreign sailors have spent time and effort getting ready for Vegvisir Race. Several are in the process of the long transport voyage from e.g. Sweden or Poland to Nykøbing Falster. Out in Europe, boats are packed on trailers. Ferry tickets have all been booked to come to Lolland Falster to take part in one of this year's few international races. It makes me so sad I now as an organizer have to ask them to turn around and stay home.

And then I'm frustrated that the clubs are reporting on the grounds of an unfounded fear that their members might be infected with Corona during the event. The harbor in Nykøbing would have been the most corona-secured place on Lolland / Falster. But it was not good enough. It is an absurd situation where arguments and actions based on objective facts and rational thinking are swept off the table with reference to fear, emotions and gut feelings, says Morten Brandt Rasmussen.


After the clubs had left this year's event, the municipality's officials and Morten Brandt Rasmussen continued to work on a complete plan B which was ready to launch yesterday Wednesday. However, Guldborgsund Municipality eventually chose to withdraw from Vegvisir Race 2020, with reference to the municipality's future collaboration with the sailing clubs. Thus, the event was without port and thus cancellation became the sad result.


All registered will be contacted via email and informed further. A solution is being worked on to repay the participants' start money.


The 5 co-arranging sailing clubs told the municipality and Morten Brandt Rasmussen that they had started to fear taking part in Vegvisir Race 20 on Friday AUG 14. They withdrew finally from the event on a meeting Tuesday AUG 18.

The municipality withdrew from the event at 1 PM AUG 19.

AUG 15 Vegvisir Race 2020 the six days rule is gone

Bye Bye 6 days rule 

In Denmark the corona virus situation is generally  under control. The virus have had smaller local outbreaks that have been controlled and shut down by the authorities. Locally on Falster, where Nykøbing F is located, the presence of the virus is very low. Despite lots of tourists this summer there has been hardly no rice in the infection rate.  

This has resulted in a further loosing of the Danish society among other things allowing bars to stay open longer. 

The good news for international sailors  is that the 6 days rule (described below) is history. That means that ALL tourists from ALL European countries (except Spain, Belgium, Luxemburg, Rumania and Bulgaria) now can enter Denmark without any other documentation than a pass port and a proof of residence in the home country.

In other words - tourists including sailors - are welcome in Denmark for as long or short a period wished. 

Craning hours 

The craning provided by Vegvisir Race is as  follows:

Wednesday 2. September,  14.00 - 16.00

Thursday 3. September,      09.00 - 12.00

Friday 4. September,          10.00 - 12.00

Saturday 5.  September,    15.00 - 19.00

Sunday 6. september          0700 - 11.00


If you wish to crane at another time we can provide you with a name of a craning company but you must take care of the logistics and expenses yourself. 


Starts and Dockout - earlier than normally 

The starts will go earlier. So the first start will be at 4PM. First dockout will be from 3PM. There will be 30 min between the starts. Immediately after a start the dock out to the next start begins. The dock out is conducted by the race authority over VHF radio.


Socializing on the marina - not this year

Due to corona virus and to protect both participants, volunteers and spectators the following has been decided. There will be no social events prior to the race on Wednesday night. The marina is a closed area for participants and voulonteers only. The clubhouses are for the volunteers only. Participants are kindly asked to use the toilets and baths a shore. When being on the marina we kindly ask participants to be on/in or close to their boats. The volunteers will not sell food and drinks on the pier. We kindly ask people walking on the bridges to keep right. There are plenty of possibilities for socializing outside of the marina where the "normal" Danish rules apply - you are here allow to meet in groups and both cafes and restaurants are open. We recommend dining and drinking outside.


AUG 04 Vegvisir Race 2020 - here's what you need to know

Vegvisir Race – in safe mode

In 4 weeks Vegvisir Race 2020 will start. Due to the corona-virus-situation things are different this year. Our main concern is to arrange and run Vegvisir Race as safe as possible for both participants, officials, volunteers and spectators. Furthermore, the event will be run in accordance with the Danish law and rules introduced to deal with the corona-virus-situation. As event organizers we’ll have to deal with the situation Internationally, Nationally and Locally.


The 6 days rule – documentation to enter Denmark

Vegvisir Race is an international event with participants from seven European countries. At the moment (the guide lines from the Danish authorities are updated every Thursday at 4PM.  If there will be changes we will keep you informed) citizens from Norway, Sweden and the region Schleswig-Holstein in Germany can enter Denmark with no further documentation than a proof of residence in their home country. 

Apart from that citizens from all European countries (except Luxemburg, Bulgaria and Rumania) can enter Denmark in their own boat or in a rented boat as long as they can present a document that verifies that the boat will spent at least 6 nights in Danish waters outside of the municipality of Copenhagen. It need not be in the same marina.

Participants in Vegvisir Race can download this document and print in. The document should be kept in the boat throughout the event and until the return to the home waters.   


The marina will be closed for the public

As the previous years the participants and their boats will be placed in the marina in Nykøbing Falster. But this year the marina will be closed for the public. That means that the sailors and the officials from the clubs will have the marina to themselves. However, the clubhouse of the sailing club Vikingen is for the officials and volunteers only. 

So sadly, there will be no get together events this year. At the moment in Denmark cafes, restaurants, supermarkets etc. are open and the participants can of course meet up outside the marina area in accordance with the Danish guidelines of social distancing. LINK

If the weather allows it the start numbers and trackers will be handed out outside the motorboat club. Only one person from each boat is allowed at the pick-up. In case of a queue the rules of keeping at least 1 meter social distance must be respected.


Skipper’s meeting

The skipper’s meeting will be broadcasted on Facebook and Youtube. The relevant links will appear on It will be possible for the participants to ask questions to the race management in the commentary field on Facebook.  


Dock out procedure must be respected

Dock out prior to the start and the full starting procedures will been called by the race officers on VHF Cha 72. As the previous years the starting procedure will governed by a starting committee on the pier using sound signals and flags. As the Danish rules for non-professional sport events allow only 500 persons to gather including both participants, officials, volunteers and spectator it is highly imported to listen to and to respect the calls for dock out to each individual start.   



Starting line further south

The starting line will this year be moved some 100 meters south to the industrial pier south of the entrance to the marina. 400 spectators are allowed inside the pier area.

An appendix to the sailing instructions will be uploaded soon to clarifying the new starting procedure. However, the main message is that instead of one race with a few starts over a short time span this year we will have more “races” and hence more starts over a longer time span. This means the first starts will go earlier our ambition is still to have all boats out of Guldborgsund before sunset at 7.59 PM.  Most of the above-mentioned initiatives is to comply with the Danish rules of public gatherings for sport events. 


On return

The finishing line will, as in the previous years, be between a buoy placed perpendicular to the clubhouse of the sailing club Vikingen. The trackers and starting numbers must be handed back at the motorboat clubhouse the - same place as the pick-up and same safety rules concerning social distancing and face masks. In return finishers will receive a finisher polo.   


2020 participants will receive a voucher

As there will be neither skipper’s meeting nor after party all participants who signed up for Vegvisir Race 2020  will receive a voucher of €20 for singlehanded participants and €40 for doublehanded participants. The voucher can be redeemed when registering for Vegvisir Race 2021 and will be valid until OCT 15 – one month after the 2021 registration opens. 

June 12  Corona virus  - Borders to open for sailors 

Good News! On June 11 the Danish organisation FLID, that unites the Danish Marinas, broke the news that the corona-lockdown of Denmark is easing rapidly now. That means that persons that live in Schleswig Holstein from June 15 can cross the border and travel freely in Denmark WITHOUT having to comply with a demand of having a "worthy purpose" for entering the country. They only need to prove that they really do live in Schleswig Holstein. ALSO the existing demand of 6 days stay in the same place will expire from June 15.  

The Vegvisir Race Team is in close contact with FLID. The organisation is working hard to making the Danish marinas and hence Danish waters open to all European sailors.

We'll keep you updated on the issue.   

APRIL 7  Corona virus - Vegvisir Race will take place

Last evening on April 6 the Danish primeminister Mette Frederiksen gave a “state of the nation” speech followed by press conference. It was about the corona virus situation and how we in Denmark slowly, slowly will try to get back to some kind of normal or maybe some kind of new normal. That is including a cancellation of all events gathering crowds of people from now on and until the end of August.


- as the race starts on SEP 3rd."  

The municipality of Guldborgsund, the five co-arranging sailing clubs and Shorthand ECM have been following the development in Denmark and Europe and truly it has been a tough time looking at events and regattas throughout the spring and summer being shut down one by one – let alone the Olympics in Japan in July/August. 

We've got a green light!

As we now have a green light to move on that’s exactly what we are going to do. For us the essence of Vegivisir Race is to get you - our participants - on the water in Guldborgsund, Smålandshavet and in the Baltic Sea to compete with your friends and fellow shorthanded adventure racers as you set out to find your own inner Vegvisir through an experience of adventure sail racing in the days and nights in the beginning of September while you'll be coping with the wind and the waves under the September full moon.  

We have full focus on the race!

That’s why our attention is on getting the race management in place from the moment the participants will come to Nykøbing either by car and trailer boat or by sea followed by the safety check, the dockout, the starts, the safety surveillance of the fleets, and the finish line back in Nykøbing. 

We have already done it for three years and we are trying to improve every year. This year, 2020 and maybe for some years to come we'll need to learn the new skill of being together apart. Social distancing is a new thing that we need to learn how to deal with in our event management. 

Social distance for solo-sailors!

As the racing is either singlehanded or doublehanded the participants will have limited problems of keeping the social distance on their boats. However most of our activities ashore will have to be reinvented. We don’t know yet how we are going to do it. But we will for sure take actions which mean that neither participants nor volunteers will be endangered due to corona virus during Vegvisir Race. 

A New Vegvisir Race Experience

We are certain that many of you are longing to get on the water to do what we all love to do as sailors. We believe that we will be able to create the perfect setup for serious 2Star and singlehanded racing. We also believe that we will be able to give you all and ourselves a new Vegvisir Race Experience to be remembered. 


See you all  in September

© 2018 Vegvisir Race an event by Morten Brandt // Shorthand ECM