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News Update May 31

It has certainly been some time since our last update. Many really good things have happened.

So long story short:​​

  • The new venue for Vegvisir Race is Nyborg one of the most central located venues in Denmark.

  • The Marina, the Sailing Club the municipality are all fully committed to ensure Vegvisir Race will be better the ever.

  • The central location makes logistics for participants a lot easier and there is plenty of hotel capacity. 

  • There are no problems when at low tide - all boats can moor in Nyborg.

  • A cultural festival Norden I Nyborg, the North in Nyborg, will make a stay in Nyborg during the race for friends and families attractive.

  • Further will the notorious Vegvisir Race After Party get spiced up with several live concerts on Saturday afternoon and evening. 

  • The courses are as exciting as ever. Due to the perfect location of Nyborg the best and most challenging parts of Ø-havet, the archipelago south of Funen, Smålandshavet, the treacherous sound between Zealand and Lolland/Falster and Storebælt, the Great Belt, where the strong currents run are all decisive parts of the courses.

  • A new and exciting start procedure will make the sailing interact with the spectators on shore in Nyborg where speak and live studio will communicate the event. 

  • Today 207 boat are in. Still 23 entries are on sale.

  • The Marina of Nyborg offers a 50% discount on the mooring fee for Vegvisir Racers who leave their boat in the Marina or on land for 10 days after the race before participating or just following the exciting Silverrudder Challenge. The starting line is 20 nautical miles from Nyborg.   



Press release 04 November

Future events will secure participants and sponsors

Since Vegvisir Race 2020 was forced into cancellation, there has been silence about the international sailing event for shorthand racing. Now there's news.

Many sporting events, concerts and other cultural events have been canceled in 2020 for various corona-related reasons. It has turned out that it's often the participants and the organizers who get in trouble financially. The reason is that coronavirus did not exist when the concepts behind all these events were developed and then brought to life. Unfortunately, this was also the case when the Vegvisir Race manual was written back in 2017.


However; this is not going to happen again; for measures aimed at counteracting unexpected effects of corona virus becomes an integral part of everything from sailing instructions to participant and sponsorship terms and conditions. For participants, sponsors and co-organizers, the word "corona protection" will be a regular part of future editions of not only Vegvisir Race, but also Round Denmark Race, Lyø Escape and other sailing events, which Morten Brandt and his company Shorthand ECM are involved in. The purpose, of course, is that no one, neither participants, co-organizers nor sponsors will get in trouble in the future.


State support

Since the end of August, Shorthand ECM has been looking for many opportunities to compensate the participants for the canceled event - most recently through the state aid pools. The chances of a refund of the 2020 registration fee, or transfer of a Vegvisir Race 2020 start number to Vegvisir Race 2021 are good.


A third option that more people are using is to donate the 2020 registration fee to Shorthand ECM with the wish, "that the work of renewing the racing scene in Northern Europe can continue".


Thank you for your support and recognition!


All registered in Vegvisir Race 2020 will in the coming days receive additional info via email.


Other interested parties can receive information about Vegvisir Race 2021 by subscribing to the event newsletter at

For further information write to:

Press release 20 August 2020


Vegvisir Race 2020 canceled

A decision based on emotions made by the five participating sailing clubs in Guldborg Municipality has made the implementation of Vegvisir Race 2020 impossible.


After the clubs' cancellation, the municipality's officials and Morten Brandt Rasmussen had a bulletproof plan B in place, but the municipality finally chose yesterday to prioritize their relationship with the sailing clubs and withdrew from the event. Thus, the event is without a port and thus it became impossible for Morten Brandt Rasmussen to find new solutions.


- I'm very very sad and frustrated. First of all, I am sorry on behalf of all the participants. Many Danish and foreign sailors have spent time and effort getting ready for Vegvisir Race. Several are in the process of the long transport voyage from e.g. Sweden or Poland to Nykøbing Falster. Out in Europe, boats are packed on trailers. Ferry tickets have all been booked to come to Lolland Falster to take part in one of this year's few international races. It makes me so sad I now as an organizer have to ask them to turn around and stay home.

And then I'm frustrated that the clubs are reporting on the grounds of an unfounded fear that their members might be infected with Corona during the event. The harbor in Nykøbing would have been the most corona-secured place on Lolland / Falster. But it was not good enough. It is an absurd situation where arguments and actions based on objective facts and rational thinking are swept off the table with reference to fear, emotions and gut feelings, says Morten Brandt Rasmussen.


After the clubs had left this year's event, the municipality's officials and Morten Brandt Rasmussen continued to work on a complete plan B which was ready to launch yesterday Wednesday. However, Guldborgsund Municipality eventually chose to withdraw from Vegvisir Race 2020, with reference to the municipality's future collaboration with the sailing clubs. Thus, the event was without port and thus cancellation became the sad result.


All registered will be contacted via email and informed further. A solution is being worked on to repay the participants' start money.


The 5 co-arranging sailing clubs told the municipality and Morten Brandt Rasmussen that they had started to fear taking part in Vegvisir Race 20 on Friday AUG 14. They withdrew finally from the event on a meeting Tuesday AUG 18.

The municipality withdrew from the event at 1 PM AUG 19.

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