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Vegvisir Row & Paddle Challenge

 "Conquerors are kings" 
The all new Vegvisir Row & Paddle Challenge is the ultimate event for all human powered boats - Coastal Rowers, Kayak Rowers, Stand Up Paddle boarders. It's first time an endurance challenge of this kind is held on Danish waters. 
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Vegvisir Row Paddle all course.png
Vegvisir Row & Paddle Challenge is a new event under the Vegvisir Race brand. Just like the Vegvisir Race for sailboats the row and paddle race is based on a great element of what we know as adventure racing, endurance, navigational skills and great sportsmanship. Finishing the Challenge is an achievement per se. 
The event is a two stages 120 kilomenter long endurance challenge with a one night stopover on the island of Skarø in the middel of the picturesque archipelago south of Funen.
The venue is the old  town Nyborg in the very heart of Denmark. Nyborg was the meeting place of the Danish nobility and elite in the Middle Ages and here the country's first constitution, was signed in 1282 in the castle that still remains as a tourist attraction today.
Vegvisir Row & Paddle Racers will indeed be competing the wake of the medieval adventures. The course will take the participants on a demanding adventure that requires stamina, endurance, navigational skills and the ability to dig deep when the going gets tough.
This is where the iconic symbol of the race "The Vegvisir" becomes handy. Vegvísir is pronounced “VEGG-vee-seer”. It's icelandic for "sign post or wayfinder". It is a magical stave intended to help the bearer find their way through rough weather but also to find the right path it life. 
The iconic Vegvisir symbol

Vegvisir Harbour Race

Saturday SEPT 3 Vegvisir Harbour Race will go down. It's a Row & Paddle challenge that takes place in the harbour and on the fjord of Nyborg. It's a relay a we expect to see a lot of Danish rowers and SUP enthusiasts. Read more in Danish about the harbour race on Nyborg Roklubs website.  
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