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Vegvisir Row & Paddle Challenge 
Nyborg Denmark

Vegvisir row paddle race leg 1.png
Stage 1 Friday SEPT 2
The first stage is approximately 55 kilometers long. The participants will head south on the Fjord of Nyborg into Great Belts and in between the island of Langeland and Funen. Turning west on entering the shallow sound of Svendborg where the participants need to negotiate strong currents, the shallows and the traffic on the congested sound. Further west the goal of stage 1 the island of Skarø appears on the west side of the sound. The racetimer will be stopped when the participants ring the timing bell ashore. The cut off time is 20:08 when the sun sets. A camp for the night is arranged by the cottage owned by Svendborg Rowing Club. A rural Danish meal is served and the participants sleep outdoor on their own tents  which they have brought along on the boats.  A simple but strong breakfast will be available 1 hour before sunrise. The racetimer will start again at 06:26 at sunrise. 
Stage 2 Saturday SEPT 3
Vegvisir row paddle nyborg leg 2.png
Stage 2 is some 65 kilometers from Skarø to Nyborg, First the boats will head east, then south with the island Tåsinge on port side then with the islands Hjortø, Mejlholm and Odden all on starboard side. Then due east on the shallow waters south of Tåsinge before turning north east  heading to the bridge connecting Tåsing and Langeland with Siø on starboard side. Next comes the the rounding of the black-red-black- caution buoy position: 55:1.413' N 10: 39.878' E close to the famous castle Valdemar Slot on Tåsing. This is a perfect sport for spectators to get close to the participants before they set out for the final exhausting stretch heading north towards the Great Belt bridge and the finishing line in Nyborg.  

Pitt Stops - service areas
There will be 4 pitt-stop service areas along the route 2 each day. On stage 1 the stops is at Lundeborg and Svendborg. On stage 2 the stops are at Valdemar Slot and Lundeborg. At the pitt-spots the participants will get access to fresh water and toilets. The pittstops are perfect spots for spectators to get close to the action while the participants are en route.  
Vegvisir Row pittstops.png
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