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Race weather 2018

Get the latest on the weather from Slovenian sailing meteorologist  Jure Jerman ... expect change! 

-A cold front has passed the region in the morning.
-Mainly westerlies, strongest now (gusting up to 28kts) and slightly dropping toward the evening, but still gusts around 25 kts.
-Cold air trough approaching tomorrow during the day, slight backing of the wind to WSW. 
-More unstable tomorrow, frequent showers, convective clouds.
-Veering back to W tomorrow afternoon, wind dropping to 15-22kts region.
Please DOWNLOAD and read the whole forecast before the skipper meeting Thursday where we try to hook up with Jure via Skype for the very latest on the weather development. 
The downloadable PDF-forecast is found at the end of this document. 
Overskrift 6

Weather forecast for Vegvisir Race


Development of weather situation

Weather for the Vegvisir race will be governed by large low positioned N of the racing area and slowly moving Eastward. There will be weakly presented troughs embedded in general Westerly flow bringing oscillations in wind direction and wind speed and occasionally some rain.

Skærmbillede 2018-08-22 kl. 18.28.29.png

Weather for the region

Weather forecast for the region


Weak (4-7 kts) SSW in the morning, gradually veering towards SW at noon and then veering even

further to WSW in the evening. Gradually getting slightly stronger around noon due to heating over the

land (8kts gusting to 15kts) and easing in the evening (6-10kts).

Some showers possible mainly over the land


Slightly backing after midnight due to approach of first weak front which is about to pass the region in

the morning. Wind W-WSW, 8-12kts gusting up to 18 kts. Veering to WNW after the front passage and

easing a bit.

Getting stronger toward noon again, 15-20 kts, gusting up to 28 kts in the afternoon. Westerlies. Easing

a bit in the night toward Saturday but still gusting up to 24 kts.

Some showers and even thunderstorms in the early morning, intensifying again in the afternoon due to

cooling aloft.



W-WSW, 14-18kts, gusting up to 26kts. Mostly cloudy, with some showers.

General notes:

• The predictability in this type of weather situation is relatively low so follow the forecasts.

• The local effects are not taken in account in the above forecasts. They might play quite an

important role on the race fiels.

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