Vegvisir Race 2020 Statutes

The first edition of the 2020 statutes is now  online.
If you are considering to participate on the 150 NM singlehanded course please pay attention to point 14.4.
STATUES 2020 preliminary

1. Vegvisir Race is an annual adventure sail racing event that starts and finishes in Nykøbing F.

2. The event features single- and doublehanded racing.

3. There will be three courses. Two of them consist of a combination of inshore and offshore sailing while the third is merely inshore. The longest is a doublehanded course of 225 nautical miles. There is further two courses: a 86 and a 152 nautical miles long race. Both are open for doublehanded and singlehanded racing. 

All courses have a common first leg (legs 1) and a common last leg (legs 5) that go from the starting line in Nykøbing F through out Guldborgsund to the cardinal buoy named Leda south of the island of Femø. The direction round the course (legs 2, 3 and 4) is announced by the race management at the skipper's meeting. 


4. The event date follows the full moon from medio August/early September. In 2019, the start was on AUG 15th. In 2020 the first start will be on September 3.

5. There are awards for the winners of each Vegvisir Race Class categories (VRC). The categories are defined by the LOA of a boat. The LOA is measured in foot (1 foot = 0.3048m) and indicate the overall boatlength (LOA) as defined in World Sailing’s Rules.


6. Double and Singlehanded


VRC Mini - from 18.00 to 25.00 feet

VRC Small - from 25.01 to 30.00 feet

VRC Medium - from 30.01 to 35.00 feet

VRC Large - from 35.01 to 40.00 feet

VRC XL from 40.01 feet and longer



VRC Small 18.00 to 30.00 feet

VRC Large 30.01 feet and up


7. The winner of each category is the boat that sails the outright farstest time round the course in each category.

8. Participants in Vegvisir Race can only start if they are registered and paid the entry fee, and can show a valid third-party liability insurance upon registration.

9. Any suitable and seaworthy sailboat can sign up to participate in Vegvisir Race. The race management has the right to reject any boat not found shipshape and seaworthy and boats of an inappropriate safety standard. 

10. As Vegvisir Race is a single or doublehanded race, only the same (for singlehand) and the same two (for doublehand) persons must be on board during the race.

11. Vegvisir Race must be performed in accordance with The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea and in accordance with the governing Sailing Instructions for Vegvisir Race.

12. All challengers must sail with a tracking system provided before the race along with two starting numbers visually mounted preferably on the sea rail off of the cockpit. The participants are obliged to return the tracker and the start numbers immediately after finishing or withdrawing from the race. Lost trackers and/or starting numbers are replaced in cash.

13. Participating boats must, on request, sail with flags supplied by Vegvisir Race’s sponsors. Flags and other materials will be handed out upon registration. Participants must be available for phone calls from the event's communication unit for interviews directly from the course. 


14. All boats must during the race be have a functional VHF radio turned on, either handheld or stationary.

14.1 The boat must be in a shipshape and seaworthy condition and the boat must be equipped have statutory navigations lights in accordance with the International Maritime Code (COLREGS). Boats under 7m in length must also be fitted with fixed navigation lights as described for boats of 7 meters or longer. 

14.2 – the boat is equipped with the following mandatory safety equipment:

- Life jackets - worn during the entire race and equipped with a D-ring and a an emergency flash.

- Lifelines that can be worn at the same time as a lifejacket.

- Jacklines mounted along the deck for attachment of the lifeline.

- VHF radio - handheld (incl. batteries for the entire race) or a stationary.

- Analog Compass

- 1 hand-held emergency flare per person on board the expiration date must be respected. Or a fully functional electronic LED flare one unit per crew (E.G. Ocean Signal rescueME EDF1 eVDS emergency fire 750S-01710 or Odeo Flare MK3 eVDS.)

- 2 emergency rockets, with valid expiry date in accordance with Directive 2014/93 / EU

-  A fire extinguisher

- A bucket or scoop

- A first aid kit

- A heavy duty flashlight/or headlamp

- A knife

- A suitable anchor with anchor chain and / or line ready for immediate use

- The sailing regulations for Vegvisir Race 2019 must be available on board

14.3 A Sea rail for boats participating on the 225 nautical miles course

14.4 Participants on the 152 NM long singlehanded course must qualify by having finished either Silverrudder Challenge, OneStar Challenge, Midsummer Challenge or Vegvisir Race 86 singlehanded og Vegvisir Race 152 doublehanded. Boats on the singlehanded 152 NM  course must be equipped with an autopilot. The sailors on the singlehanded 152 NM course must carry an either satellite or AIS supported person beacon.


15. Participants acknowledge with their signature, by the delivery of tracking equipment and start number, that compulsory safety equipment and approved lanterns are in accordance with paragraph 11.1 above.

These statutes are available in an English and Danish version. If there is a conflict between languages, the Danish text shall prevail.

16. Any breach of the above statutes will result in disqualification.

Statutes PDF-format

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