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News Update May 31

It has certainly been some time since our last update. Many really good things have happened.

So long story short:​​

  • The new venue for Vegvisir Race is - as you know - Nyborg one of the most central located venues in Denmark.

  • The Marina, the Sailing Club the municipality are all fully committed to ensure Vegvisir Race will be better the ever.

  • The central location makes logistics for participants a lot easier and there is plenty of hotel capacity. 

  • There are no problems when at low tide - all boats can moor in Nyborg.

  • A cultural festival Norden I Nyborg, the North in Nyborg, will make a stay in Nyborg during the race for friends and families attractive.

  • Further will the notorious Vegvisir Race After Party get spiced up with several live concerts on Saturday afternoon and evening. 

  • The courses are as exciting as ever. Due to the perfect location of Nyborg the best and most challenging parts of Ø-havet, the archipelago south of Funen, Smålandshavet, the treacherous sound between Zealand and Lolland/Falster and Storebælt, the Great Belt, where the strong currents run are all decisive parts of the courses.

  • A new and exciting start procedure will make the sailing interact with the spectators on shore in Nyborg where speak and live studio will communicate the event. 

  • Today 207 boat are in. Still 23 entries are on sale.

  • The Marina of Nyborg offers a 50% discount on the mooring fee for Vegvisir Racers who leave their boat in the Marina or on land for 10 days after the race before participating or just following the exciting Silverrudder Challenge. The starting line is 20 nautical miles from Nyborg.   

Nyborg - will be the 2021 VR Venue 

Vegvisir Race 2021 will be based in Nyborg a town perfectly suited for hosting an expanding and popular event like Vegvisir Race. 
Read in German or Danish about the new Vegvisir Race venue, Nyborg, and the new courses in on our mediapartners Yacht and BAAD' webpages:  Or read it in English below
Skærmbillede 2021-03-04 kl. 10.19.30.png


Skærmbillede 2021-03-04 kl. 10.20.17.png

READ IN Danish


An agreement has today been reached between Nyborg Municipality, Nyborg Sailing Association and Shorthand ECM on the international sailing event Vegvisir Race, which takes place during the cultural festival, Norden in Nyborg, in the first weekend in September.


It looks like the perfect match when the international sailing event, Vegvisir Race, this year for the first time has the old royal city, Nyborg, as host city. Nyborg has an optimal location in relation to sailing in general and in particular in relation to an adventure sail race such as Vegvisir Race, where coastal sailing is combined with real off racing. In addition, the city's central location in the middle of Denmark will attract many Danish sailors, but even more international participants, especially from Germany, Sweden and Norway.

- I am proud that Vegvisir Race starts from the old royal city of Nyborg. Here the event gets the opportunity to develop its full potential. I look forward to working with Nyborg Municipality and Nyborg Sailing Association, where I have already met lots of enthusiasm and drive. Sportingly, we strengthen the Vegvisir Race concept with courses that will be challenging for participants and spectacular for spectators and which this year include crossing the Great Belt Bridge, says Morten Brandt, who is behind Vegvisir Race.


Unanimous committee backs

With its commitment, Nyborg Municipality has landed one of the few major sailing events of international caliber for the city. It ensures attention and publicity in foreign media and among participants from all over Europe, which at the time of writing counts 10 nationalities. Furthermore, the municipality's citizens and the many visitors during the cultural festival Norden in Nyborg, the North in Nyborg,  will have the opportunity to see the many exciting boats in the harbor in Nyborg before and after the race, as well as lots of action during the starts in the harbor basin on Thursday and Friday afternoon.


- For many years there has been a great desire in Nyborg Municipality to utilize our coast for water sports and sailing and this project is the perfect occasion. It is an exciting event with an international angle, which we can run in collaboration with our local associations. When we can even combine it with Norden i Nyborg, I think the citizens of the municipality have something to look forward to, says the Social Democrats' deputy chairman of the Culture and Leisure Committee, Jesper Nielsen.


And he is supplemented by the committee's chairman Erik Rosengaard, from the Liberal Party who says:

- I am very happy that a unanimous Culture and Leisure Committee supports to host Vegvisir Race in Nyborg. I am pleased when we, in collaboration with Nyborg Sailing Association, Nyborg Marina and the other associations in the marina, can hold such a large international event. As a side benefit, the event generates good revenue in the city's shops, restaurants and hotels. Finally, participants and guests will have the opportunity to experience Nyborg's lovely waters and coastlines, as well as the renovated facilities in the Marina.

And there will be a great opportunity to get acquainted with the diverse opportunities that exist for practicing water sports as a citizen in Nyborg Municipality. This is because the port's clubs in collaboration with Nyborg Marina have decided to hold the nationwide event, Vild med Vand, Crazy about Water, which is sponsored by the Nordea Foundation on Saturday 4 September.


Nyborg sailing association in a key role

Nyborg Sailing Association plays a key role during the event, where they take care of the many logistical tasks associated with handling approximately 300 sailors in 200 boats. And there is a prospect that they will both enjoy and benefit from the collaboration. There is both an economic carrot associated with the effort, and the association gets the opportunity to show the citizens of the municipality what modern sailing is all about. It can give new members to the club and it can give the association the opportunity to invest in a development of adventure sail racing in the region.


- It is a fantastic opportunity for Nyborg Sailing Association to have such a large and international sailing event come to the city. We have good experience of arranging smaller regattas, and we know that it is good for uniting the members of the association. In addition, there is a need for new and different offers for keelboat sailors, where there has been declining interest in racing in recent years. Here, Vegvisir is a unique opportunity with the different courses of varying difficulty, says the association's chairman Marianne Holmer.


There will be much more practical information about Vegvisir Race 2021, Wild with Water and about the Nordics in Nyborg and the opportunities to have a meaningful weekend as a participant or as spectators as soon as the practical work takes shape.

The 2021 Statutes are online

The first edition of the Vegvisir Race 2021 statutes are online. There will be minor changes in pibeline. 
For singlehanded sailors on the 150 NM course please read the statutes carefully. 

Vegvisir Race - Registration opens

The ticket sale for Vegvisir Race 2021 opens 0202 2021 at 02 PM. The 128 skippers that registered for Vegivisir Race 2020 got their tickets transferred to 2021 as the event was cancelled. As the event is sold out at 200 boats there is only 72 tickets on sale. 
So if you want to secure your spot on the starting line at the new wonderful venue don't hesitate to register.   
Talking about the new venue
We're still negotiating with more municipalities so unfortunately we can't reveal exactly where the Vegvisir Race Base 2021 will be. However, we can promise that the venue wont be in the northern part of Denmark.
We can also guarantee that the courses will be spectacular with the Vegvisir Race DNA wellpreserved. What means tight inshore sailing, combined with tough offshore and lots of transitions. And just to add a bit more suspense - the sailing will be in Danish and German waters. 

Vegvisir Race - New Venue

January 12, 2021

Press release 

Vegvisir Race - new venue 


Vegvisir Race opens ticket sales on 2 February. It happens with the announcement of several news, among other things, that the event this year will have a new venue. 


There is more good news for the participants in Vegvisir Race 2021. Firstly, all 223 registered sailors from the canceled 2020 edition of the event will have their start number transferred to 2021. Should a participant not have the opportunity to start 2 - 4 September, where the event takes place, the participant is free to resell to a third party. For new participants, Candlemass, February 2, must be remembered as the registration opens on this date. The participation will be in either 2Star or singlehand on the 80 or 150 nautical mile course and for 2Star on the 225 nautical mile distance. 


– We look forward to welcoming new participants. 2020 is now behind us and we see the light rising on the horizon with a promise of lots of adventure sailracing in 2021.  That’s why we open the ticket sale on Candlemass, the day that marks that we are halfway through the winter. When we get closer to 2 February,  we will unveil the full 2021 price structure. I can already now reveal that Vegvisir Race 2021 will be a ball, says Morten Brandt. 


New venue - negotiations in progress 

The collaboration with Guldborgsund Municipality was terminated in December. Therefore, Vegvisir Race also gets a new host city this year. Negotiations are underway with several municipalities about becoming Vegvisir Race venue. 


–For now I can only say that with the municipalities we are negotiate with, the new venue will be terrific regardless. I look forward to publishing more about the collaboration. However, I would like to underline that the Vegvisir Race concept exists. This means, single and double hand, three different courses that all require the participants to master navigation, tactics, meteorology and lots of transitions when the course takes participants from in- to offshore several times. 


128 boats registered 

128 boats have been registered today, because all 2020 participants have had their start number transferred. The list of participants contains a large diversity of boats - from pure cruisers to pure racers. There are participants in all races and categories, however, it is sluggish with regard to the multi-hull boats, where only 2 boats are registered. 

Right now, the distribution of participants is 10 singlehanded boats and 16 2Star on the 80 nautical mile course, 23 singlehanded and 37 2Star on the 150 nautical mile course, while 42 boats are signed up for 2Star on the long 225 nautical mile course. 


About Vegvisir Race Road 

Vegvisir Race is an annual recurring adventure sailracing event. It is international with the participation of sailors from seven different nations, primarily Germans, Danes and Swedes. The adventure sailrace format guarantees participants great experiences. The host town and area achieve measurable branding, among other things through Vegvisir's communication platform. The volunteers involved from local clubs are part of creative networks across traditional boundaries and through their commitment also get a significant economy out of their contributions. 


About Shorthand ECM and Morten Brandt Rasmussen 

Shorthand ECM is an event and communication company founded, owned and operated by Morten Brandt Rasmussen. In 2012, he conceived the Silverrudder Challenge and the Adventure Sailracing concept. The event, which had Svendborg Amatør sejlklub as a logistical partner, became the world's largest single-handed racing in 2015, which it still is today operated independently by the club. 

In 2017, Vegvisir Race was created. The event attracts sailors from all over Europe - the event had five local sailing clubs as logistics partners. In 2019, Morten Brandt Rasmussen received the award The Ocean Award from the German Trans-Ocean Verein for "Having engaged hundreds and hundreds of cruising sailors to switch to regatta mode because of the adventure sailracing concept". In 2020, he took over the event  Danmark Rundt from the Scandinavian Single-Handed Sailors' Association and developed the Round Denmark Race Inshore and Offshore concepts. The event has premiere June 20 to 27 and is done in collaboration with Sailing Aarhus and Aarhus International Sailing Center.

The registration opens FEB 02 

The registration for Vegvisir Race 2021 will open on February 02 - the day is known as Diseblót according to the old Nordic religion, Asetro, and Candelmass in the Christian Calendar.  
More info on the ticket prices, courses and more will be available as soon as possible.
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2020 tickets transferred to '21

As the tickets sale for Vegvisir Race 2021 will open soon we hereby confirm that all registered 2020 participants will have their tickets transferred to 2021. If you have a 2020 ticket and you are not able to make to the event you are of course welcome to sell the ticket to third party. 

The date is set SEPT 2. - 4. 2021

Vegvisir Race 2021 is planned to happen from September 2nd to 4th. That means that we are leaving the dogma of sailing under the full moon. Even though we love sailing in the moon light we've come to terms with the benefits of setteling for a fixed date. Hence we have decided to make the first weekend of September to Vegvisir Race Weekend. We hope you will enjoy the thrill of sailing in the pitch dark September nights in Danish and German waters.

The 2020 cancelation

An email has gone out to all 2020 registered Vegvisir Racers informing them about the possible aftermath of the cancellation of the 2020 event. They will be informed as soon as possible.  
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