The 2021 courses

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Vegvisir Race 2021starts and finishes in the old town of the Danish kings; Nyborg. It's situated on the island of Funen. It's easy to get to both from east and west as the highway E20 and the railway runs through the town. Apart from that the marina is very well protected and the participants can moor their boats safely if arriving early or if leaving the boat in the area before the start of Silverrudder Challenge.  

The three courses

There are three courses in 2021 that all feature sailing at night, the most challenging navigation, spectacular sceneries and true adventure sail racing. Further the long 2Star race offers true offshore sailing as the course takes the participants to German waters when rounding the Fehmarn island. Finally a less exposed 70 NM course is open for both single- and doublehanded participance.  Even-though it's a shorter course it's still a very demanding course when it comes to navigation as it includes the notoriously Svendborgsund. A passage of the stunning but shallow archipelago with several bird sanctuaries and finally some hard path finding in the waters between the islands of Tåsinge and Langeland. 

The line honor quest

Depending on which of the courses you pick you can for sure find a challenge that will meet your skills and demands. The two longer courses include the passage of the Great Belt Bridge. As the bridge consists of a West bridge with a Max airdraft of 18 m and a High Bridge with a max hight of 65 m some boats will be able sails a shorter distance than the others. This will make the quest for the Vegvisir Race Line Honors even more exiting as many of the smaller boats with mast hight below 18 m will have a fair chance to match the bigger boats with air draft of 19 m and higher. So below the courses are described with two lengths because of the theoretical difference between passing under the Westbrigde or under the High Bridge.  

As you can see the combination of tight inshore and demanding offshore sailing is still the DNA of Vegvisir Race and it will be found on the 2021 courses. 

The long haul: 218/225 NM 2Star Course

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Vegvisir Race 2021 long course (counterclockwise): Nyborg, Langland on port, Thurø, Tåsinge on starboard, Strynø on starboard, Ærø/Marstal on starboard, Fehmarn on port, Falster/Gedser on port, Møn on starboard, Bogø Farø on starboard, Femø on starboard, Fejø on port, Vejrø on starboard, Omø on starboard, Agersø on port, Romsø on port, Nyborg. 

The longest singlehanded race: 143/149 NM 2Star and Singlehand 

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Vegvisir Race 2021 medium course (counterclockwise): Nyborg, Langland on port,  Thurø and Tåsinge og starboard, Strynø on starboard, Ærø/Marstal on starboard, Langeland on port, circumnavigating Omø and Agersø on starboard, Romsø on port, Nyborg. 

Tricky tricky short course 75 NM 2Star and Singlehand











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Vegvisir Race short course (counterclockwise): Nyborg, Funen on starboard, Thurø on starboard, Tåsinge on port, Funen on starboard, Skarø and Drejø on port, Birkholm on port, Egholm on starboard, Bredholm on port, Strynø Kalv and Strynø on port, Langeland on starboard, Tåsinge on port, Nyborg.